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Car Leasing Peterborough

Car Leasing Peterborough

Throughout the Peterborough area, we can offer a great car leasing service, we have found that the type of car required is as varied as the area, so whether it is a SUV, Saloon or a nifty run around we can help you. Not forgetting our van drivers, we can find the one that suits your daily personal or business needs.

Leaseline is family run and owned company, we pride ourselves on providing an honest straight forward service, finding you the best price for the vehicle you want.

About Peterborough

The city of Peterborough is located on the River Nene, in the county of Cambridgeshire, approximately 85 miles north of London and 40 miles east of Leicester.

The city has a population of around 159,000. Administratively it is the seat of the City of Peterborough which covers an area of approximately 343 sq kms.

Situated at the edge of the Fens in the north of the county, it is a modern city with an ancient heritage which retains some notable historic sites, including its magnificent 12th-century St.Peter's Cathedral. Peterborough is a thriving commercial and manufacturing centre with good transport links, and enjoys excellent shopping, leisure and entertainment, and visitor facilities.

The town's history dates from the seventh century although several excavated sites show evidence of pre-historic settlement here. It remained a small market city until the 19th century when it changed, dramatically, into a railway and industrial centre. Peterborough was designated a 'new town' in 1968 to house London's 'overspill' population in new townships around the existing built up area, and a new network of high speed roads known as 'Parkways' were constructed around the city.

Historically, during the Middle Ages, the local economy was based upon weaving and wool combing and, later, large scale brick making was important. Today, the service industry is the largest sector of the local economy, employing around 66% of all workers. In 2005 a new Urban Regeneration COmpany was set up to oversee Peterborough's fuutre development, which will include tens of thousands of homes and thousands of jobs created. A new shopping centre, 'continental style' streets, transport interchages and a new hospital are to be built.

The name Peterborough evolved from around the 10th century. The original settlement here was named Medehamstede, but it was re-named 'Burgh' in late 10th century after it was enclosed by a wall and ditch. Burgh was an Anglo-Saxon term applied to fortified places. Later it became known as Burgh St Peter after the Norman cathedral of St Peter, from which the present day name derives